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We now have Spring/Summer

2021 Miniature Goldendoodle Puppy litters!!!


Pintto and Rustty are the parents of our first generation Miniature Golden doodles.  We let them go to their homes when they are 8 weeks old and that is July 8, 2021.  There are 1 females and 2 males available now to reserve.  These will be 25-35 pounds approximately when mature.  We will choose individual puppies in a couple weeks still so the pictures below are of all the males and all the females—the first picture is when the puppies were newborn with momma.

Above are the females pictured at 4 weeks of age

Above are all the males pictured at 4 weeks of age

 If you would like to reserve a puppy let us know.   

 Updated on 06/15/2021

We do Have Local Puppy Prices Without Shipping–for the Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Montana, Boise, and surrounding areas.