Previous Litters


Shea–from Goldie and Chester

Here is our “big” girl! This was taken last week! She is the joy of our life! We cannot go anywhere without people stopping to look, admire and play still! And often it’s the same people adoring her over and over again! We cannot believe it’s been a year??? We cannot imagine our lives without her! Now that the leaves are starting to fall it reminds us that a year ago we were blessed with her! Thank you soooo much Arika! As you know when the time is finally right we will be getting another pup to join her!!! Is it that time yet???? We cannot wait!!!!

Cathy, Paul and Shea–NY


Hi Arika,

Bailey or your puppy name, Tula (which she still knows by the way) she is a great dog and a healthy dog – skinny still. She has lots of personality and spunk. She loves to cuddle all the time and wrap herself around you day and night.She still loves to be held like a baby over your shoulder…from your daughter carrying her that way as a pup.We were walking her last summer and we had someone stop us on our walk and asked us about her. They asked us a bunch of questions about her and offered to buy her ….we had to decline and tell them she wasn’t for sale.People love her tiny size. She looks very different than the typical doodle dog like Boomer is the poster dog for the doodle looking dog. We love her and she gives us lots of enjoyment even though she keeps eating the starfish ornaments off our tree! ha-ha

Have a great new year and take care,



Hi Arika, we purchased Chevy from you in April. He is from Ruger and Goldie’s breed of very petite minis. We are truly in love with Chevy, he has been such a blessing to us. I am including a picture for you. I was wondering if you plan to breed these two dogs again as we may consider getting a companion for Chevy but I would want it to be on the smaller side like he is. Please let me know if and when you might be breeding them again.




IKE – Paddy and Chester

Pictured with his litter mate that is with their sister

We brought “Ike” home when he was 11 weeks old, I had been corresponding with Arika for about a month who willing answered the many questions I had – it was a pleasure to work with Mountain Doodles!

We loved him at first sight! He spent the next 5 hours riding on our laps in the car, just snuggling us. We have a 7 year old golden retriever at home and were worried about his reaction. Ike immediately followed him around and within a day or two they were fast friends.

He knew his name at the end of the first day! At 13 weeks, Ike is exactly the kind of dog we wanted! He is so playful and smart! We are failures at crate training, but he seems to be mostly potty trained with an occasional accident, if we don’t remind him! He spends most of his day with us and really likes being out in the yard. He is really good about laying on his bed when he needs to relax during the day.

He lives to chew and play, and has made friends with every dog he meets, including all the big dogs. He does take a little bit more effort to keep brushed, because he loves to run through the tall grass and dig in the mud. His coat is very curly and soft, he looks exactly like a little teddy bear. His Vet recently commented about how “perfect” he was and we couldn’t agree more! We will begin puppy obedience training soon and hope that Ike has some “service” dog training within the next year.

The Nichols Family, Helena, MT

Montana and Morgan

Both from Mountain Doodles
From Paddy and Chester

Both Montana and Morgan are the perfect examples of mans best friend. They are loving, playful, gentle, and the envy of the neighborhood. We cannot walk down the street without someone asking about these 2 incredible dogs. They are the perfect size, disposition. They don’t shed, and are just love on four legs.

The kids do everything with them, form playing on the trampoline to swimming.

Thank you for such wonderful additions to our family.



Hi Arika,

“Jersey Girl” was born on February 12th, 2008. Her parents are Ruger M77 and Dollys Golden Jewel. She is a great dog. She loves to play, run and walk with her family, visit with her grand parents, and her friends, Cooper and Willie. She gets along with all people and pets and is a fast learner. She attended school and passed with flying colors. Her coat is black with an auburn muzzle and a few strands of grey. Very cute. She weighs 22 pounds and she sheds very little. I can pick her up wearing a white shirt and have not dog hair after putting her down.

Jersey is a joy and she has been an amazing addition to our family.

The Adams Family-Michigan

More pics of Jersey:


Poppy—-From Paddy and Chester

Hi Arika,

It has been far too long since I have written. Poppy is growing up before our very eyes. We had her spayed 2 weeks ago, and she has recovered well. She is so smart and sweet. She is learning new tricks. She likes shake and roll over, and is learning peek-a-boo. I swear she knows what I’m saying when I talk to her. The only thing she’s not crazy about doing is coming when called outdoors. She comes close by, but she just doesn’t want to go back inside. I can’t blame her. We just need to work on it; it is totally up to us to do more training.She still sleeps in her crate most nights. Sometimes she will sleep upstairs with one of the girls if they are feeling scared. She has several dog friends in the neighborhood, and she plays with them regularly. When I go out during the day, I have been taking her with me. It is getting warmer now, so I can’t leave her in the car. I leave her in the kitchen and she is just fine. She doesn’t chew a thing; she is so sweet. Pretty soon we’ll be able to leave her in a larger area. We have a lot of French doors, so she can see out into the garden even when she is inside. All of the cats in the neighborhood drive her a bit crazy and she does bark quite a bit. I’m sure she’ll quiet down as she gets a bit older. She does not like the broom, shovel or rake either, and barks every time I try to do yard work!?We are just delighted with her. Thank you! I will send a photo to you very soon. I just don’t have a recent one on my computer. They are all on my phone. She is 18.2 pounds at 7 months. She is very tall and lean. She isn’t very motivated by food unless it is meat or some other treat. Hope this isn’t too much information. I just thought I’d share with you, because I can tell that you really loved her until you sent her to us.




More pics of Poppy:


Hi Arika,

Dude came to us over a year ago now. He was a puppy in the litter born on February 12th to Ruger and Goldie. He is full grown now and weighs 32 lbs. His coat is very much like most of the other dogs pictured on your website and he really does not shed much at all. He is such a sweet guy, really wanting to please everyone. He is so playful and fun. Our three kids adore him and they all are taking part in the responsibilities of caring for him. We have taken him to both a beginners and an intermediate training coarse in which he did very well in both. He is well behaved, obedient, and quite athletic and agile. He loves to fetch, ( he is quite speedy as he chases a ball), chew on his toys, and his favorite thing is to have his tummy scratched. Dude is just a great animal who has surpassed all our expectations for our family pet. He is completely cute, smart, sweet, agreeable, tolerant, playful, gentle, and so loving. Here is a recent photo of our guy. Thanks for sending us such a wonderful addition to our family.

The Levy Family-River Forest, Illinois


Gatsby—-From Paddy and Chester


We couldn’t be happier with our miniature goldendoodle “Gatsby”.  She arrived at our home when she was 8 weeks old and was so precious!  She has the friendliest personality and loves being around people.  She is cuddly, extremely playful (never is without her tennis ball), loving, and VERY smart.  She is much smaller than we expected, weighing in at 27lbs, and we have come to LOVE her size.  Another great characteristic is that she does not shed!  I may find 2 or 3 hairs on my clothing if I give her a hug, but other than that we never notice any hair loss.

Now Gatsby is one year and two months old and she is as playful as ever. She gets attention everywhere we go with people in awe about how adorable and beautiful she is.

She is a fantastic family dog and we are so happy she is apart of our family.

The Henricks Family, Menlo Park, Ca

More Pics of Gatsby:


Cady—-From Paddy and Chester

Our Mountain Doodles pup, Cady, is now 20 months old and a pure joy.  She’s the offspring of Paddy and Chester, and we’ve had her since she was 9 weeks old.  Arika was wonderful to work with during the adoption process — always answering our communications clearly and quickly.  We could tell how much she cared for her puppies’ welfare.
A little about Cady. She weighs about 35 pounds and never sheds. She is very smart, affectionate, and just a tad impish — which we love.  She was very easy to “potty” train (we did crate training) and listens to us most of the time, though clearly thinks for herself as well!  She easily mixes with other dogs and people of all kinds. She requires a fair amount of exercise, but is often content to laze around and amuse herself. She’s a great swimmer and fetcher.  We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.  Thanks Mountain Doodles!
Bev and Ken , Seattle, WA


Maisy —-from Ruger and Goldie

Hello. Here is a picture of Maisy enjoying the snow. She has been a great addition to our family. She is a smart dog and lots of fun. She stays with us if we’re walking in the woods or hanging out in the front yard. She seems to have a natural tendency to want to stay with her family, especially our two girls. She loves kids! We have her groomed every other month or so and brush her at least once per week. Her coat is super soft and everyone comments on how cute she is. She is our little teddy bear. We love her small size at about 14 pounds. She loves to sit on the back of the couch or our laps. She loves to be held and carried around if your willing. She loves car rides, preferring the front seat. She doesn’t shed which we love and she isn’t a stinky dog. It is easy to exercise her. She loves walks but she will also go on a running fit every evening around the yard and through the house. We all laugh as she goes crazy for a bit and then lies down and tha! t’s it. She’s 1 1/2 and very happy and healthy! So are we! Thanks MountainDoodle!

Maisy’s family in Everett, WA


When I first saw a mini goldendoodle in the dog park I was facinated at the temperement and good looks. I inquired with the owner and they gave me the phone number and name of where they had got her. We had just lost our older dog and our other dog, a male Standard Poodle was going through withdrawl, I spoke with Arika and I described the poodles personality and with that information she selected the match. Our sweet “Niko” is a perfect fit for the family, and provides us with continuous enjoyment. great size  

Thank you Arika!  
Dave and Rose from Renton, WA.


Bella-From Shastina and Chester

Hi Arika!

Bella turned 1 year old on August 30.  She is a very happy puppy and loves her family very much.  She likes to know what everyone is doing in the house, and will rotate around the house, staying for awhile with one person, then moving on to check in with someone else in the house.  She loves to play fetch and go on walks.  She sheds a little, but nothing like a Golden Retriever! She has always been a calm dog, many people have been surprised to find out that she is a puppy.  She’s very healthy and hasn’t had any of the typical puppy issues I have heard about.  She sometimes will chew up something, small children’s toys…but nothing like other puppies I’ve seen!  We all are convinced that she is the best puppy in the whole world!

Spangler family in Seattle, WA


From Goldie and Chester

Dear Arika,

Rocket – from Chester and Goldie.  Born 9/3/08.  He is now over a year, fully grown and very handsome.  Whenever we walk him we get lots of questions about him.  People love his tail.  He and our other dog, Sammy (a Cockapoo who will be 3 in December) now weigh the same:  around 34 pounds; however, Rocket is much taller and far more athletic.  His favorite thing is to play ball.  He can do a standing jump of 4 feet or more and leaps to catch a ball.  I’m sure he could jump the fence if he really wanted to.

We can take him for short walks with no leash.  He always stays near and comes quickly when he is called.  He has a large vocabulary and responds to whole sentences, such as “Find the other ball.”  or “Let Sammy get the ball.”  He has pretty much gotten over chewing inappropriate items.  He got a bad shock chewing through the working end of a power cord, so that cured him of cord chewing.  Even so he will occasionally chew the end of a book or piece of mail and he cannot seem to resist getting into the garbage if he smells something good.

When he is scolded, he rolls onto his back and tries to look cute.  Once when he got into my knitting I burst into tears.  He was very sad that he made Mommy cry and since then has never touched any of my yarn or knitting bags.  He and Sammy adore each other and hate to be separated.  They play together all day long and share everything, even food.

Unlike Sammy, he loves to cuddle and sleep or watch TV curled right next to us.  He is somewhat reserved about making friends with strangers or other dogs, just the opposite of Sammy.  He would make a good watch dog.  He is so smart, he could be easily trained to be a service dog.  If I were physically able I would love to take him to agility training.  He loves music and if I am dancing he likes to dance with me.

He enjoys going to see his groomer, Melissa at Dee’s Dog Grooming.  They say he is the most handsome Goldendoodle they have ever seen. I could go on for pages about him, but I think you get the idea.  We love Rocket and look forward to many years of his companionship.  He has made a perfect addition to our family.

Angelina and Bill Malloy
Spokane, Washington

More Pics of Rocket:


Riley —-From Paddy and Chester

Hi Arika,

We just wanted to let you know how adorable Riley is. From the moment we picked her up, we fell in love with her.  She is cuddly and spunky and really smart! She plays with everyone, no matter how big or small, and is always gentle. When my kids have friends over she is always the center of attention and loves it. People are constantly stopping us to find out what kind of puppy Riley is. Everyone tells us that she is the cutest thing they have ever seen! It was wonderful working with you. You answered all of our questions and the weekly pictures were awesome. You made us feel comfortable with shipping Riley from so far away.

The Levitz Family

More pics of Riley:


Indie–From Paddy and Chester

Mountain Doodles is an excellent place to get your new furry companion. They were so responsive to my questions and “first-time puppy owner” questions. My puppy is such a darling. She is so smart, which has its drawbacks in that you can’t trick her the way you can other dogs. She learned how to go up and down a steep flight of stairs in a few days. She sleeps all through the nights with only a little whine if she needs to pee, and loves traveling in the car in her crate. She isn’t afraid of anyone, and wants to play with anything that moves. She loves kids and will snuggle on the couch with me. I found her to be very well-socialized and sooo friendly.I highly recommend buying from Mountain Doodles!”


This is Indie — the baby on your website — all grown up.  She was a ring-pup in my wedding, hence the flowers.  Isn’t she a darling?  She’s the most tolerant puppy ever, even at 3 years old.  We just adore her and want another doodle from you some day.



From Chester and Paddy


We cannot thank you enough for sending us our baby Hanna. Everyone loves our baby girl and she has brought smiles to many faces. The phrase I hear all the time is “Oh she looks like a stuffed animal teddy bear!!!” Her disposition is so mellow, calm, and sweet. She is very smart and has learned quickly (thanks to crate training) and is close to potty trained at just 11 weeks. She is frisky and playful, but snuggly and cuddly. I am so thankful I found Arika and her puppies on the internet…we cannot imagine our lives without Hanna!

Working with Arika and Mountain Doodles was a fantastic experience. She answered many questions with quick response and was very helpful and informative. The puppy arrived healthy and happy with lots of love to share! Arika sent out weekly emails so we could watch our puppy as she grew and anticipate her arrival. We cannot thank you enough!

Nathan & Aura Garcia

More pics of Hanna:


From Chester and Goldie

Our first thought when we first saw our new puppy at the airport is “he is perfect”! We fell in love with him from the first moment, and were well bonded by the time we arrived home as he snuggled in our laps and gave us puppy kisses. Everyone stops us whenever we take Cody out – they are all so curious about him and think he is the cutest dog they’ve seen. Even the vet and their entire staff are quite taken with him, and he is a hit in the waiting room as well! Our daughter received Cody as an early birthday gift for her 5th birthday, and they have really enjoyed each other – her friends of all ages look forward to seeing him. Cody is a rather smart dog, and the trainer tells we will really have to watch him as he might outsmart us (as if he hasn’t already!). His housetraining was almost immediate – and he is very responsive to training of all kinds. We love Cody and are so happy we found him by chance on the internet – he is so cute, so loving and already a VIP in our family.

Arika, Cody is a really wonderful dog. Puppyhood can be difficult, but really his misdeeds have been very minor and his behavior easily corrected – and besides, when he looks at you with his sweet fluffy face you can’t stay mad! Thank you for sharing your puppy with us – we are thrilled with him.



Bella is Phoebe’s “Little Sister”. She is out of a Goldie and Ruger breeding.

Hi Arika,

My first mini-goldendoodle from you was 2 1/2 yrs old when I thought she would really
like to have a buddy. I went back to your website and discovered a little black doodle that
was soon to be my second. She arrived at 13 weeks old . After a couple of days, the two
dogs became very playful, and romp and wrestle together until the older one is all worn out.
Bella, the baby, is now 1 1/2 years old. She is quite the affectionate one, loves to
be held, hugs you with her arms, and follows me everywhere.

She retrieves balls until you don’t want to throw anymore. She LOVES to go for car rides.
Bella’s mom is Goldie and dad is Ruger. Her coat is between wavy and curly and she
doesn’t shed. She weighs 18 lbs full size and has been very healthy.

Phoebe’s mom is Goldie and dad is Chester. Her coat is wavy and she doesn’t shed.
Phoebe’s coat mats more than Bella’s. I would really like to keep her hair long, but it
takes a lot of work to keep it up so we keep it cut most of the time. She weighs 33 lbs.
Both dogs like their crate. They were bell-trained early on, and we have not had
any “potty issues”. Our dogs are very much a part of our family, a bit spoiled 🙂 It is
usual to find them laying their head on pillows on the floor, couch or bed.

Swimming in the pool is also a favorite thing to do, but they don’t want to stop fetching
random pool toys so it isn’t very relaxing for humans when the dogs are in the pool!

The McNulty Family
Stillwater, MN


Brody is a Mountain Goldendoodles puppy from a litter out of Shastina and Chester.

Hello  Arika,

Here is an update on our Brody boy born 12-06-06,son of Shastina and Chester.  Brody is 18″ at the shoulder & 37.5 pounds, with easy to comb soft wavy blond hair.  I cut his hair shorter in the summer and let it grow longer in winter.  I keep his face trimmed short to see his big hazel eyes and beautiful teethy smile!

I take Brody for several long walks a day plus numerous trips to the park.  He is very gentle with children and friendly with all other dogs but he does like to tease his cat Mimi!    His best buddy is a puggle and they wrestle like there is no tomorrow!  His favorite people are the mail carriers, he can spot them a block away and run to claim his treat!

Brody has always been very calm , relaxed and easy to take anywhere, he loves to ride in the car but prefers to sit in a lap rather than ride in the back seat.  In warm weather he loves to swim in the river after his ball, then roll in the sand.  He is a real lover boy and loves to be cuddled, sits with us on the couch or on my lap while I read.  Brody is an important member of our family and we love him dearly!

Gustafson Family in Oregon