From Goldie and Chester

Dear Arika,

Rocket – from Chester and Goldie.  Born 9/3/08.  He is now over a year, fully grown and very handsome.  Whenever we walk him we get lots of questions about him.  People love his tail.  He and our other dog, Sammy (a Cockapoo who will be 3 in December) now weigh the same:  around 34 pounds; however, Rocket is much taller and far more athletic.  His favorite thing is to play ball.  He can do a standing jump of 4 feet or more and leaps to catch a ball.  I’m sure he could jump the fence if he really wanted to.

We can take him for short walks with no leash.  He always stays near and comes quickly when he is called.  He has a large vocabulary and responds to whole sentences, such as “Find the other ball.”  or “Let Sammy get the ball.”  He has pretty much gotten over chewing inappropriate items.  He got a bad shock chewing through the working end of a power cord, so that cured him of cord chewing.  Even so he will occasionally chew the end of a book or piece of mail and he cannot seem to resist getting into the garbage if he smells something good.

When he is scolded, he rolls onto his back and tries to look cute.  Once when he got into my knitting I burst into tears.  He was very sad that he made Mommy cry and since then has never touched any of my yarn or knitting bags.  He and Sammy adore each other and hate to be separated.  They play together all day long and share everything, even food.

Unlike Sammy, he loves to cuddle and sleep or watch TV curled right next to us.  He is somewhat reserved about making friends with strangers or other dogs, just the opposite of Sammy.  He would make a good watch dog.  He is so smart, he could be easily trained to be a service dog.  If I were physically able I would love to take him to agility training.  He loves music and if I am dancing he likes to dance with me.

He enjoys going to see his groomer, Melissa at Dee’s Dog Grooming.  They say he is the most handsome Goldendoodle they have ever seen. I could go on for pages about him, but I think you get the idea.  We love Rocket and look forward to many years of his companionship.  He has made a perfect addition to our family.

Angelina and Bill Malloy
Spokane, Washington

More Pics of Rocket: