Bella-From Shastina and Chester

Hi Arika!

Bella turned 1 year old on August 30.  She is a very happy puppy and loves her family very much.  She likes to know what everyone is doing in the house, and will rotate around the house, staying for awhile with one person, then moving on to check in with someone else in the house.  She loves to play fetch and go on walks.  She sheds a little, but nothing like a Golden Retriever! She has always been a calm dog, many people have been surprised to find out that she is a puppy.  She’s very healthy and hasn’t had any of the typical puppy issues I have heard about.  She sometimes will chew up something, small children’s toys…but nothing like other puppies I’ve seen!  We all are convinced that she is the best puppy in the whole world!

Spangler family in Seattle, WA