Brody is a Mountain Goldendoodles puppy from a litter out of Shastina and Chester.

Hello  Arika,

Here is an update on our Brody boy born 12-06-06,son of Shastina and Chester.  Brody is 18″ at the shoulder & 37.5 pounds, with easy to comb soft wavy blond hair.  I cut his hair shorter in the summer and let it grow longer in winter.  I keep his face trimmed short to see his big hazel eyes and beautiful teethy smile!

I take Brody for several long walks a day plus numerous trips to the park.  He is very gentle with children and friendly with all other dogs but he does like to tease his cat Mimi!    His best buddy is a puggle and they wrestle like there is no tomorrow!  His favorite people are the mail carriers, he can spot them a block away and run to claim his treat!

Brody has always been very calm , relaxed and easy to take anywhere, he loves to ride in the car but prefers to sit in a lap rather than ride in the back seat.  In warm weather he loves to swim in the river after his ball, then roll in the sand.  He is a real lover boy and loves to be cuddled, sits with us on the couch or on my lap while I read.  Brody is an important member of our family and we love him dearly!

Gustafson Family in Oregon