Hi Arika,

Bailey or your puppy name, Tula (which she still knows by the way) she is a great dog and a healthy dog – skinny still. She has lots of personality and spunk. She loves to cuddle all the time and wrap herself around you day and night.She still loves to be held like a baby over your shoulder…from your daughter carrying her that way as a pup.We were walking her last summer and we had someone stop us on our walk and asked us about her. They asked us a bunch of questions about her and offered to buy her ….we had to decline and tell them she wasn’t for sale.People love her tiny size. She looks very different than the typical doodle dog like Boomer is the poster dog for the doodle looking dog. We love her and she gives us lots of enjoyment even though she keeps eating the starfish ornaments off our tree! ha-ha

Have a great new year and take care,