From Chester and Goldie

Our first thought when we first saw our new puppy at the airport is “he is perfect”! We fell in love with him from the first moment, and were well bonded by the time we arrived home as he snuggled in our laps and gave us puppy kisses. Everyone stops us whenever we take Cody out – they are all so curious about him and think he is the cutest dog they’ve seen. Even the vet and their entire staff are quite taken with him, and he is a hit in the waiting room as well! Our daughter received Cody as an early birthday gift for her 5th birthday, and they have really enjoyed each other – her friends of all ages look forward to seeing him. Cody is a rather smart dog, and the trainer tells we will really have to watch him as he might outsmart us (as if he hasn’t already!). His housetraining was almost immediate – and he is very responsive to training of all kinds. We love Cody and are so happy we found him by chance on the internet – he is so cute, so loving and already a VIP in our family.

Arika, Cody is a really wonderful dog. Puppyhood can be difficult, but really his misdeeds have been very minor and his behavior easily corrected – and besides, when he looks at you with his sweet fluffy face you can’t stay mad! Thank you for sharing your puppy with us – we are thrilled with him.