Bella is Phoebe’s “Little Sister”. She is out of a Goldie and Ruger breeding.

Hi Arika,

My first mini-goldendoodle from you was 2 1/2 yrs old when I thought she would really
like to have a buddy. I went back to your website and discovered a little black doodle that
was soon to be my second. She arrived at 13 weeks old . After a couple of days, the two
dogs became very playful, and romp and wrestle together until the older one is all worn out.
Bella, the baby, is now 1 1/2 years old. She is quite the affectionate one, loves to
be held, hugs you with her arms, and follows me everywhere.

She retrieves balls until you don’t want to throw anymore. She LOVES to go for car rides.
Bella’s mom is Goldie and dad is Ruger. Her coat is between wavy and curly and she
doesn’t shed. She weighs 18 lbs full size and has been very healthy.

Phoebe’s mom is Goldie and dad is Chester. Her coat is wavy and she doesn’t shed.
Phoebe’s coat mats more than Bella’s. I would really like to keep her hair long, but it
takes a lot of work to keep it up so we keep it cut most of the time. She weighs 33 lbs.
Both dogs like their crate. They were bell-trained early on, and we have not had
any “potty issues”. Our dogs are very much a part of our family, a bit spoiled 🙂 It is
usual to find them laying their head on pillows on the floor, couch or bed.

Swimming in the pool is also a favorite thing to do, but they don’t want to stop fetching
random pool toys so it isn’t very relaxing for humans when the dogs are in the pool!

The McNulty Family
Stillwater, MN