IKE – Paddy and Chester

Pictured with his litter mate that is with their sister

We brought “Ike” home when he was 11 weeks old, I had been corresponding with Arika for about a month who willing answered the many questions I had – it was a pleasure to work with Mountain Doodles!

We loved him at first sight! He spent the next 5 hours riding on our laps in the car, just snuggling us. We have a 7 year old golden retriever at home and were worried about his reaction. Ike immediately followed him around and within a day or two they were fast friends.

He knew his name at the end of the first day! At 13 weeks, Ike is exactly the kind of dog we wanted! He is so playful and smart! We are failures at crate training, but he seems to be mostly potty trained with an occasional accident, if we don’t remind him! He spends most of his day with us and really likes being out in the yard. He is really good about laying on his bed when he needs to relax during the day.

He lives to chew and play, and has made friends with every dog he meets, including all the big dogs. He does take a little bit more effort to keep brushed, because he loves to run through the tall grass and dig in the mud. His coat is very curly and soft, he looks exactly like a little teddy bear. His Vet recently commented about how “perfect” he was and we couldn’t agree more! We will begin puppy obedience training soon and hope that Ike has some “service” dog training within the next year.

The Nichols Family, Helena, MT