Poppy—-From Paddy and Chester

Hi Arika,

It has been far too long since I have written. Poppy is growing up before our very eyes. We had her spayed 2 weeks ago, and she has recovered well. She is so smart and sweet. She is learning new tricks. She likes shake and roll over, and is learning peek-a-boo. I swear she knows what I’m saying when I talk to her. The only thing she’s not crazy about doing is coming when called outdoors. She comes close by, but she just doesn’t want to go back inside. I can’t blame her. We just need to work on it; it is totally up to us to do more training.She still sleeps in her crate most nights. Sometimes she will sleep upstairs with one of the girls if they are feeling scared. She has several dog friends in the neighborhood, and she plays with them regularly. When I go out during the day, I have been taking her with me. It is getting warmer now, so I can’t leave her in the car. I leave her in the kitchen and she is just fine. She doesn’t chew a thing; she is so sweet. Pretty soon we’ll be able to leave her in a larger area. We have a lot of French doors, so she can see out into the garden even when she is inside. All of the cats in the neighborhood drive her a bit crazy and she does bark quite a bit. I’m sure she’ll quiet down as she gets a bit older. She does not like the broom, shovel or rake either, and barks every time I try to do yard work!?We are just delighted with her. Thank you! I will send a photo to you very soon. I just don’t have a recent one on my computer. They are all on my phone. She is 18.2 pounds at 7 months. She is very tall and lean. She isn’t very motivated by food unless it is meat or some other treat. Hope this isn’t too much information. I just thought I’d share with you, because I can tell that you really loved her until you sent her to us.




More pics of Poppy: