Indie–From Paddy and Chester

Mountain Doodles is an excellent place to get your new furry companion. They were so responsive to my questions and “first-time puppy owner” questions. My puppy is such a darling. She is so smart, which has its drawbacks in that you can’t trick her the way you can other dogs. She learned how to go up and down a steep flight of stairs in a few days. She sleeps all through the nights with only a little whine if she needs to pee, and loves traveling in the car in her crate. She isn’t afraid of anyone, and wants to play with anything that moves. She loves kids and will snuggle on the couch with me. I found her to be very well-socialized and sooo friendly.I highly recommend buying from Mountain Doodles!”


This is Indie — the baby on your website — all grown up.  She was a ring-pup in my wedding, hence the flowers.  Isn’t she a darling?  She’s the most tolerant puppy ever, even at 3 years old.  We just adore her and want another doodle from you some day.


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