Gatsby—-From Paddy and Chester


We couldn’t be happier with our miniature goldendoodle “Gatsby”.  She arrived at our home when she was 8 weeks old and was so precious!  She has the friendliest personality and loves being around people.  She is cuddly, extremely playful (never is without her tennis ball), loving, and VERY smart.  She is much smaller than we expected, weighing in at 27lbs, and we have come to LOVE her size.  Another great characteristic is that she does not shed!  I may find 2 or 3 hairs on my clothing if I give her a hug, but other than that we never notice any hair loss.

Now Gatsby is one year and two months old and she is as playful as ever. She gets attention everywhere we go with people in awe about how adorable and beautiful she is.

She is a fantastic family dog and we are so happy she is apart of our family.

The Henricks Family, Menlo Park, Ca

More Pics of Gatsby: