Scout – from Shastina and Chester

Hi Arika,

Our puppy from the litter of Shastina and Chester arrived safe and sound from his plane trip all the way up to Kodiak, Alaska. “Scout” is 18 months old now and weighs about 40 lbs. We trim him every 3 months or so. He stays cleaner that way. Scout is always willing to let us trim, bath, cut nails – anything. His shedding is minimal especially if I keep him trimmed and brushed occasionally – and it’s not really “shedding” as you would think of (seasonal, and tons of clumps). It’s more the way people normally lose occasional hairs.

We took him to dog obedience classes when he was just a puppy and he passed with flying colors – in fact he was the youngest dog on Kodiak ever to receive the Good Canine Citizenship Certificate. He lives to please us. He is even obedient to our 3 year old’s whimsical commands; he loves kids and happily takes their craziness. Scout loves the water and will do almost anything to play fetch with a ball.

The weather doesn’t bother him (He especially loves the snow). He’s ready to go anytime we are and yet is content to curl up and be still if that’s what we’re doing. Just to be near us – he wants that the most.He has truly become a member of the family and travels everywhere with us. People are always amazed at how well behaved he is. He is by far the best dog we’ve ever known and is perfect for our 3 young boys. We love our goldendoodle – Thanks for being willing to send him to us.

More pics of Scout:


Louie – From Ruger and Goldie

Dear Arika,

This is the story of  “Louie Low Rider”…

He was born to Ruger and Goldie on February 12th, 2008, and flew into my arms via Alaska Airlines nine weeks later.

I was a little scared to get a smaller dog, having had Golden Retrievers for many years, but my fears went away the first minute I held Louie!

He has an incredibly soft curly coat, that we keep trimmed fairly short, because we go to the beach a lot, and he is a tremendous swimmer. He started out being very red, and then as he matured he turned mostly white. The top of his head turned completely white, but retained some of the red around his eyes and on his ears. Now he has shifted back to having red hair returning, so he appears an apricot color. His fully-grown weight is approximately 26 pounds and he is lean and strong.

Louie is very smart, and alert, he retrieves very well, and has the personality that exudes happiness and joy! He loves everyone, and every dog that will play with him. He loves a good walk everyday, is very calm when inside the house, unless play ensues- by us, and he loves to snuggle.

We really feel like we got the best of both worlds with Louie! He patiently waits to go for his walk and play, has an amazingly entertaining personality, and is sweet and loving! He even enjoys draping across my shoulders and riding there.

We truly couldn’t be happier with our Mini Doodle Louie!

Thanks so much, for our amazing dog!


The Wood Family,
Bainbridge Island, WA

More pics of Louie:


Shayna–Chester and Paddy


We wanted to thank you again for our mini goldendoodle puppy. She has been such a sweet girl who gets along with everyone. She is also bright and has been easy and fun to train.

It was hard to find a puppy on the internet, but you were great to work with. You always got back to us quickly to answer any questions that we had. And after we sent our deposit, you kept sending updated photos EVERY WEEK until we received her. When you are excited as we were, things like that are important. It also reassured us that we were dealing with very good people.


Rob and Sue
Minneapolis, MN


We would like to thank you again for Shayna, who turned 3 this year.  She loves the kids and people in general.  Shayna was the star of both of her 2 levels of training class as she is a naturally smart and well-behaved dog.  It seems that everywhere we go we get compliments about how cute and clever she is.  We would highly recommend (and have) recommended you to many people who are in search of a good family pet.

Rob and Sue
Minneapolis, MN


Phoebe is a Mountain Doodles Miniature Goldendoodle out of Chester and Goldie

Hi Arika,

When I first saw a mini goldendoodle, I fell in love with the breed. I spent a lot of time looking for just the right one and found Mountain Doodles. We recieved Phoebe when she was 9 weeks old. Arika kept in touch with me about the puppies health and vet history and sent updated pictures each week until she could be shipped. Phoebe arrived in good health and was excited and happy. She is a beautiful puppy with a playful and loving temperment. We have 4 older boys who she attached to and now that she is potty trained, she sleeps in their beds. She is very smart and learns quickly. We are so delighted with our puppy and feel blessed to have had such a positive experience.

THANK YOU Arika and Mountain Doodles 🙂
Shelly and Tim and Family

More pics of Phoebe:

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