Scout – from Shastina and Chester

Hi Arika,

Our puppy from the litter of Shastina and Chester arrived safe and sound from his plane trip all the way up to Kodiak, Alaska. “Scout” is 18 months old now and weighs about 40 lbs. We trim him every 3 months or so. He stays cleaner that way. Scout is always willing to let us trim, bath, cut nails – anything. His shedding is minimal especially if I keep him trimmed and brushed occasionally – and it’s not really “shedding” as you would think of (seasonal, and tons of clumps). It’s more the way people normally lose occasional hairs.

We took him to dog obedience classes when he was just a puppy and he passed with flying colors – in fact he was the youngest dog on Kodiak ever to receive the Good Canine Citizenship Certificate. He lives to please us. He is even obedient to our 3 year old’s whimsical commands; he loves kids and happily takes their craziness. Scout loves the water and will do almost anything to play fetch with a ball.

The weather doesn’t bother him (He especially loves the snow). He’s ready to go anytime we are and yet is content to curl up and be still if that’s what we’re doing. Just to be near us – he wants that the most.He has truly become a member of the family and travels everywhere with us. People are always amazed at how well behaved he is. He is by far the best dog we’ve ever known and is perfect for our 3 young boys. We love our goldendoodle – Thanks for being willing to send him to us.

More pics of Scout: